Q1 2020 release of products includes the METALOQ Kit Frame with its many cost-saving features, including light weight, an outer wall moment frame, a versatile flush module connector and the revolutionary joist clamp.

Q4 2020 will see release of the multiple load path, tall stacking version and module frames designed for cast concrete floors, together with other practical enhancements

2021 releases and beyond to include core following and core-leading systems, panelized, self-sealing facades, and systems to support semi-autonomous building and MEP assembly.

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METALOQ UltraFrame:

Multiple continuous vertical load paths for tall stacking using a brace core

The METALOQ UltraFrame features multiple load-bearing vertical members that leverage the flush-top module-to-module connection to transfers loads through the entire length of partition walls, supporting tall stacking applications (in combination with brace cores). Coupled with the transverse capacity of the METALOQ joist clamp, the result is a thoroughly-braced and robust wall assembly.

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Plug and Play MEP Connections

METACONNECT plug and play MEP connectivity eliminates the mobilization of MEP trades on the modular jobsite. Modules are live from the moment they are set, providing power for structural locking systems, lighting, smoke and fire detection and other critical services.