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November 2020 Lloyd Alter has done a thorough job summarizing the industry need and METALOQ's role in the technology enabling successful modular building.

He literally put a picture of a 'dog bone' in the article. Find Out Why!

Going Viral #2

Wow, unhinged.

Unveiling of METALOQ kit frame tower was very popular

Visitors Oct 28 - Nov 3 included GC's, Developers, City Officials, Press, Investors, Suppliers, and the Curious to see this example of Simply Precise Construction. Video and Photos to come soon!

JB Post gets >7100 hits

Enjoy and thank you for your support!

November 2020 - METALOQ in MBI Modular Advantage

Read the new MBI Modular Advantage Innovation Edition . Thank you MBI!

June 2020-Walters Group Inc and METALOQ announce license agreement and partnership for manufacturing of METALOQ kit frames.

Jan 2020-Place Properties and METALOQ announce license agreement and partnership to building modular buildings with METALOQ