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METALOQ Kit Frames With Leading-Edge Fabrication and Connection Technology Enables Companies Large and Small To Become  Successful Modular Builders

METALOQ is the modular industry's most efficient, high-accuracy, fully-featured structural connection system

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Leading world-class offsite transformation

METALOQ is a Cold Formed Steel (CFS) module framing system. The pre-engineered “frame kit” components are easily mass-produced and mass-customized by steel fabricators with off-the-shelf machinery and tooling. 

METALOQ frames can be used in-house or shipped KD on pallets to modular builders.

METALOQ frames are simple to assemble. No specialized tradespeople or complex fixtures are required.

METALOQ frames achieve the precise tolerances required for CNC-driven fitout process.

METALOQ frames in the standard configuration are stackable to create 4-10+ stories non-combustible buildings. Heavier versions in conjunction with brace cores can be used to create buildings to 30+ floors

METALOQ kit frames are the heart of a family of construction automation technologies. The 6 unique components of the METALOQ system work together to provide users with world-leading modular construction means and methods.

METALOQ is patent pending in 49 countries

What are the six key inventions within the METALOQ system? 

1) METALOQ kit frames with precision locating features assemble dependably and accurately from outside or inside the building. This allows facade panels to be factory-installed and the envelope to be closed up as modules are set

2) The proprietary clamped joist to rim joist connection delivers the high fixity floor structure needed for road-worthiness and delivers the diaphragm action needed for taller buildings, with no assembly welding required

3) The taper-lock horizontal module interconnector provides a clamped, precision, flush-topped horizontal connection and a referenceable square outside corner datum

4) Autonomous locking system automates picking, placing, locking and releasing modules allowing the crane operator to assemble a building!

5) Autonomous MEP connections eliminate module interconnection work at site

6) Maneuverable "Drone Halo" in conjunction with autonomous locking system eliminates ground crew, taglines and  80% of set crew working on module stack.

With the addition of only 3 special components, METALOQ kits can now accomodate elevators and stairs! 

METALOQ is looking for investors, steel fabricators and modular builders interested in deploying the METALOQ system and gaining access to the other innovative products in our development pipeline. 

If you are interested in becoming a METALOQ licensing, manufacturing or construction partner, contact:

julian@metaloq.com mobile 416 575 1630

An Industry-Leading Hybrid Structural Frame System for Pre-Engineered Volumetric Modular Construction to 10+ Stories 

The revolutionary METALOQ Kit Frame is easy to fabricate and assembles in a few hours with nothing more than a small crew, a flat floor and hand tools! 

Ideal for enterprises of any scale, from startups and pop-ups to large established modular builders.

Versatile, efficient frames built with Light Steel Framing and Cold-Formed Steel

Stackable to 10+ stories in a wide range of configurations

Combination load bearing / moment frame provides multiple facade options

Industry-standard stacking procedure

High strength vertical locating features guarantee precise module positioning while leaving  the top face of installed modules clear of obstructions

Vertical locating features work together with bolting to deliver tension capacity for multi-story applications

Flush-topped horizontal connector transfers lateral forces between module frames

Horizontal connector spaces modules accurately and provides diaphragm action

Frames ship as easy-to-assemble kits that can be assembled in hours with no welding and nothing more than a flat floor and hand tools

Bolted connection and precision components  throughout means fast assembly with no fixtures required

METALOQ connections fasten arrays of modules from the inside or outside of the structure, maximizing in-plant facade completion and speeding sitework

Edge-to-edge contact over the full length of rim beams provides exceptional force transfer for vertical load-bearing and seismic applications

The METALOQ joist clamp is an example of the simple but effective proprietary technology developed that is provided to frame fabricators and modular builders under license

Robust proprietary joist connection delivers the fixity needed for volumetric applications

The addition of a simple detail to a standard LSF joist eliminates movement at the critical joist /  rim joist connection

Joist clamping avoids damage to galvanizing and provides moment action and tension capacity to the rim joist connection without welding to the joists. The fixed clamp is welded to the rim joist in a repetetive operation ideally suited to robotic process

A proprietary dimple feature enages the full web of every joist and accurately spaces the  outer faces of the module frame

Patent Pending

METALOQ frames are built with a family of components designed for high-volume production from steel coil using industry standard equipment with no need for the development of new technologies

Roll-formed joists provide ease of MEP circulation

No detail has been overlooked in the design of the METALOQ system

Shuttle-Table Rim Joist Welding Cell designed by Brave Control Solutions

Patent Pending

The METALOQ Kit Frame has many desirable features, with "bolt-on" additions coming soon 

For Architects and Modular Builders:

For Steel Fabricators:

Roadmap technologies under development include the following: 

As demonstrated by the simulations below, in its lightest version, with no column or beam thicker than 1/4" (6mm), a slender, 10 story METALOQ frame easily handles Florida wind speeds. 

Standard frame version is designed for a cementitious board floor. Soon to be available with concrete floors.

Florida wind, 10 stories

Structural analysis in SAP 2000

Florida wind, 10 stories

Structural analysis in SAP 2000 

Patent Pending